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As Quasar, Vaughn learned the true origins of the Quantum Bands from the Cosmic Entity Eon. The Bands were to be used by the Eon’s champion, the Protector of the Universe, a title once held by Captain Mar Vell. The Protector’s role was to keep Eon alive, as assassins would attempt to kill him to attain Cosmic Awareness. Accepting the title, Vaughn leaves Earth for a time until a rift develops between himself and Eon. Discovering that his father has been dead for some time, Quasar quits his job as Protector after learning that Eon had been impersonating Dr. Vaughn out of self preservation. Eon believed that a Cosmic Assassin killed the doctor to weaken Vaughn’s mental stability enough to make a move. The assassin, Maelstrom, reveals himself to Vaughn on Earth. Vaughn’s powers could not touch Maelstrom, so the assassin cut off Quasar’s forearms and took the Quantum Bands for himself. Dying, Vaughn encounters the spirits of Captain Mar Vell and his father, who convince Quasar not to give up. Vaughn dies, stabbed through the heart by his own personal death avatar, Kid Reaper. Reappearing as an energy being in the Eonverse, Quasar kills Eon to prevent Maelstrom from acquiring the Cosmic Awareness, and in a cosmic battle for the fate of the universe, is able to trick Maelstrom, causing his death.

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