Win the UK’s first technology that protects children online, with their consent

Stop Cyberbullying Day is on 17th June, and to raise awareness Online Them is offering a year’s membership to its social media monitoring software to one of our readers, and offers helpful advice about how to handle online friendships and fall outs.

Young people and children are grappling with bullies online, and 55% of children in the UK say they’ve experienced difficulties. Charities such as Stand Against Violence, Kidscape, Ditch the Label, Childline, Bullies Out and many more are making waves against the tide of inappropriate behaviour online, rallying to make the internet a safer place for children. You may have heard Stop Cyberbullying Day is approaching on 17th June, but it’s far from an isolated event. The UK now has Anti-Bullying Week (14th-18th November), Blue Shirt Day, Stomp Out Bullying Month (National Bullying prevention Month) in October and in February, Safer Internet Day joined the conversation too.


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