We went purple for BulliesOut!

Anti-Bullying Week

This week we all went purple at Online Them HQ. No, it wasn’t due to an embarrassing weekend story or a free delivery of everlasting gobstoppers. This week is Anti-bullying week and to raise money for our partnered charity BulliesOut we all wore purple and displayed our baking prowess for a charity bake sale (with a purple theme of course)… I say all, my blueberry cheesecake resembled more of a mousse on a buttery biscuit base. But regardless we still managed to raise a fantastic £111.11! So a big thank you to everyone who dropped by our stall and got a sugar overload in City Tower yesterday, your elevenses and lack of dietary self-control all went to a good cause.

To find out more about BulliesOut click here.


Our BulliesOut Purple Bake Sale

Our BulliesOut Purple Bake Sale



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