This is because the monopolistic tech giants have all thrown in

The doctor nodded. Leave it as it is. Like I almost dreaming. Judge Brett Kavanaugh responded to a Senate Judiciary Committee questionnaire that probes his career as an attorney and jurist, his service in the executive branch, education, society memberships and more.]]>WASHINGTON (AP) President Donald Trump choice for the Supreme Court has given members of Congress a pile of material to help them start judging the judge.Judge Brett Kavanaugh responded to a Senate Judiciary Committee questionnaire that probes his career as an attorney and jurist, his service in the executive branch, education, society memberships and more.Running 110 pages, plus appendices, his response released Saturday is an opening look at a long paper trail that lawmakers will consider as they decide whether to confirm him. The high court appointment could shift the court rightward for years to come.A longtime figure in the Washington establishment, Kavanaugh acknowledged in the questionnaire that he had joined clubs that he said once had discriminatory membership policies.before I became a member of the Congressional Country Club and the Chevy Chase Club, it is my understanding that those clubs, like most similar clubs around the country, may have excluded members on discriminatory bases that should not have been acceptable to people then and would not be acceptable now, he wrote.Asked to list the 10 most significant cases for which he sat as a judge, Kavanaugh cited nine in which position expressed in my opinion (either for the court or in a separate writing) was later adopted by the Supreme Court. 10th regarded a man fired by mortgage giant Fannie Mae after he filed a discrimination complaint that alleged a company executive had created a hostile work environment by calling the worker n word.

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cheap jordans size 15 In yet another example cheap jordans china of tech giants protecting Big Pharma evil monopolies by censoring content that helps people heal, Facebook has banned advertising of an upcoming Alzheimer and Dementia summit.According to Facebook, offering educational videos for improved health is not a model that Facebook tolerates. Of course, promoting toxic pharmaceuticals and antidepressant drugs to children is perfectly acceptable to Facebook, Google, YouTube and other tech giants that are now almost entirely driven by Big Pharma profits. But teaching people how to avoid toxic prescription medications and protect their health using nutrition and healthy living is utterly disallowed.This is because the monopolistic tech giants have all thrown in with Big Pharma, and they are abusing and exploiting their positions of power to suppress public education about natural health and prevention. cheap jordans size 15

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