This becomes a plot point in Saki’s route

Ordinary High School Student: Yuuji, our main character. Parental Abandonment: Played for laughs. Porn Stash: Yuuji has one, but Sumiyoshi treats his like a hobby. Saki teases them about it (and secretly keeps a collection of her own). Rape as Drama: The first ero scene between Yuuji and Kozue comes uncomfortably close to this. Then the next H scene takes the same event and turns it into Black Comedy Rape when she goes to show him a video and instead accidentally puts in the one of them doing it. Running Gag: As long as Yuuji lives with Saki and Takeaki he’s never going to wake up peacefully, unless the Rule of Funny says it’s time to turn the tables. And then he’ll go back to waking up with elbow drops and practical jokes. Another running gag is Yuuji’s dad’s ability to predict exactly how his son reacts to his videos and making preemptive arrangements. This becomes a plot point in Saki’s route. Schoolgirl Lesbians: Kozue appears to be this at first, but that is partly due to her inferiority complex to her “Love Interest”. Ship Tease: In Kozue’s route, even Saki has to admit Sumiyoshi said something impressive. While blushing furiously. Shout Out: Ditzy teacher Misato sensei lecturing in the wrong classroom, along with others. She also cannot drive. Takeaki wonders aloud if Yuuji goes to school with twelve adoring sisters, or has an alien teacher who always talks about priority. Slice of Life Smoking Is Cool: Rei. At least, that’s how it comes across to Yuuji. She herself begs to differ. Snow Means Love: Seeing as the game plays in the snowy winter of Hokkaido, this comes logically. Stalking Is Love: Kozue goes to some pretty extreme measures to photograph or film Misaki (and Yuuji if he starts dating her). Sweet Dreams Fuel: This game is virtually to Digital Objet what Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is to Gainax. The Tape Knew You Would Say That: Every response Yuuji or one of his friends has about his father’s tapes is predicted by Yuuji’s father when he records them. He even knew when Yuuji chose Saki over the other girls despite not having any possible way of knowing and having no hints. True Companions: The game’s a bit unusual instead of the love interests being, for the most part, strangers to one another, all the girls (and Sumiyoshi) are already pretty close knit friends. Tsundere: Saki Tachibana. Unstoppable Rage: Saki has this one after being filed as the Titless Twintail Monster and mocked relentlessly for it. Visual Novel Women Drivers: Misato sensei is not the best of drivers. Likely a side effect of being The Ditz. This exchange, late in Misaki’s route: Rei: (after stepping out of Misato sensei’s car) “We should have died three times there.”.

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