These extreme events range from hurricanes and tornados to

I found some alarming information at Wikipedia titled: “List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States”. According to the information I read, the number of citizens that have killed cops is non existent compared to the number of cops killing citizens. That is just the killings there is hundreds of other sources online that you can find that has video and documented cases of cops going too far and outside of their job description. The sad thing about all of this is even if the cops are found guilty they are not usually held accountable, if they do get punished with taking leave with pay, suspension with pay and so forth. Why should they stop being that way when it doesn’t matter if they are.

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Valentin replica Last week I participated in a very timely panel discussion at Columbia University on the impact of climate and the environment on the 2016 elections. The two most difficult issues our moderator asked us to address included: 1. How do we make environmental problems meaningful and actionable issues on the political agenda?; and 2. subsequent to Hurricane Sandy. Since Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, the United States has experienced 97 extreme weather events that have cost more than $100 million each. These extreme events range from hurricanes and tornados to wildfires and droughts, to simply severe weather over a period of a few days. $176.8 billion and have resulted in 861 lives lost. The most costly of these include Hurricane Sandy in 2012 ($65 billion), droughts and heatwaves throughout 2012 ($31 billion) and 2013 ($11 billion), and severe weather in the Midwest in May 2014 ($4 billion). These numbers are based on a compilation of data from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Association (list of billion dollar weather and climate disasters) and the insurance company AON (specifically, the Global Climate and Catastrophe Report in 2013 and 2014, and the Global Catastrophe Recap in 2015) Valentin replica.