Sometimes this is justified when the person in question is

JC can either join in and be liked by his senior agents or be more humane and earn their contempt, except for Carter. In the third book he says his birthday is in November, solidifying the fact that his parents were either lacking in creativity when naming him, or when Gemma asked his name, he wasn’t allowed to give it and just said the first thing that popped into his head.

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Hot Witch: Fumiko, complete with Robe and Wizard Hat. After all, justice and Replica Stella McCartney bags revenge aren’t shiny and don’t get a good exchange rate. He Who Fights Monsters / Knight Templar: Remy Bressant/Broussard. Up.. Sometimes this is justified when the person in question is deliberately cruel to their Replica Hermes Birkin fans, but sometimes this is entirely the fans’ fault for crying Ruined Replica Designer Handbags FOREVER at every sign of something happening that they don’t appreciate or if the personality in question tells the fan that they are being rude.

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