Raising the Steaks: While Jughead is the first Zombie Infectee

In reality, he’s going for a secluded place to transform. The current demigods are as follows:Rook: The Mighty Glacier of the group, he is literally a walking castle, with abilities based around towers and brute force.. Raising the Steaks: While Jughead is the first Zombie Infectee, his pet dog is the one who gave him that fateful bite.

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Possibly justified by Scooter’s ability to project holograms. Since Monkey D. Palmtree Panic: Blooper Bay in Toadstool Tour. In Trixie’s flashbacks, Bon Bon is as much of a horse’s rear end as ever. Would Hurt a Child: Well, we already knew he would from the Jedi Temple incident, but once again: he collapses the dam, destroying the city and killing the children Kirak was friends with.