Of course, since I made TABLE in the Main namespace back when

Fate Testarossa of Lyrical Nanoha is shown in side materials to be this as a student. She gets perfect marks in nearly every subject (except for Japanese language) in school and being so good at math that she helps Nanoha’s older sister with her math homework. On the other end, even without using her powers, she’s second to only resident Passionate Sports Girl Suzuka in terms of athletics. The same is true for most practicing mages in the Nanohaverse: as explained in the A’s manga, the series’ Magitek basically relies on crunching numbers really fast in your head, while the constant channeling of Mana makes a mage’s body superhumanly strong and durable. Fate does stand out even among mages, however, thanks to her natural diligence and studiousness.

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