Next I caught the train to Pimlico where I bought a sandwich

Caroline Flack sashayed in, with shiny new engagement ring for extra smug points.But then there were couplings and ridiculous challenges, beds everywhere and a pervading stench of paranoia, jealousy and ego. Who are these plastic people? Why are they happy to stand in a line like cattle to be judged?Danielle Lloyd nude photo hack star viciously trolled over ‘Pringles picture’But they are the Instagram generation, and this is this quickest route to fame and wealth.You can see the lure of social media super status in their sparkly eyes, right under the over plucked brows.From Dani ‘do you know who my dad is?’ Dyer, to triple threat Dreamgirl Samira and Abs Adam, hugely comfortable with his self awarded five star rating. Do they all have a plan?Remember, this is a game show and one couple will pick up a cheque for Amid the heartbreak, the bitching, the falling out, the making up and the getting dumped, the game is being played.

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