More importantly, it will also require that this knowledge

In 1993, after the success of three separate miniseries chronicling Tim Drake’s tribulations as the third Robin, (succeeding Dick Grayson and Jason Todd), Tim was given his own monthly ongoing series that began in 1993 and ran for more than 15 years, until it ended in early 2009. The series is notable for depicting Tim’s personal life with his family and friends, and him balancing a delicate act between his superhero and civilian identities. The first 100 issues of the Robin series were written by Chuck Dixon, which was acclaimed at the time for a high profile Teen Pregnancy arc involving Tim’s girlfriend, Stephanie Brown (spoiler). In 1998, Wizard magazine ranked the series as the best ongoing comic book of the year. The first was Jon Lewis, whose short tenure on the Robin series built a stable relationship between Tim and Stephanie and had fondness for writing slightly sci fi plots, which was jarring in a Batbook that focused more on street level crime. Next was Bill Willingham, who forcibly retired Tim from being Robin after his dad found out his secret, and killed off Stephanie in the War Games crossover. Adam Beechen took over the series with Robin: One Year Later and had Tim leaving Gotham for a while and temporarily staying in Bludhaven with Cassandra Cain. He was approached by Ra’s al Ghul’s assassins, who were also interested in finding out what happened to Batman. The series lasted for 2 years, being truncated by the DCU reboot in 2011.

It is more important because there are several billion people who want to live like we do in the United States, but do not. Their demands create political pressure for rapid economic development. The World Wide Web has guaranteed that even the poorest people on the planet see the wealth of the developed world. And they want it; if not for them, for their children. So the pressure on the planet’s finite resources and on the earth’s ecosystems, climate, and water will only increase over the next several decades. To manage the increasing level of economic output without destroying the planet will require a sophisticated understanding of the planet’s ecological and environmental dynamics. More importantly, it will also require that this knowledge influence and constrain management decision making. The Earth Institute’s central mission is to work with colleagues around the world to research and develop this base of knowledge. Related to that central mission is our goal of educating students to apply that knowledge in practical, day to day decision making.

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