One in every five 7-year-olds have spoken to a stranger online

Children using rude or inappropriate language online are more likely to receive sexual solicitations online. OnlineThem enables you to see whether your child is engaging in risky behaviors such as inappropriate conversations, contact with strangers or harassment. Stay cybersafe. Use OnlineThem.

Our tool enables you to monitor:

Online activity

Social connections

High-risk language usage

Indicators of bullying

Likes and hobbies

Indicators of inappropriate content

Get the answers that matter

  • Are your kids online when they shouldn’t be?
  • Do your child’s online ‘friends’ match up with those in real life?
  • Are they using inappropriate language online?
  • Is your child being untruthful about their age?
  • Is your child the victim of or engaging in cyberbullying?
  • Is your child engaging in conversations of an adult nature?
  • Is your child’s online reputation a positive one?
  • What trends are your children currently interested in?

OnlineThem provides an insight into your child’s activity and gives a daily report highlighting high-risk key words that indicate potential problems such as cyberbullying without you having to literally watch over them. This allows you to take measures which are preventative, but not intrusive. We don’t believe in spying on your children but we do believe in helping parents to protect them. OnlineThem asks for the consent of your child to encourage mutual trust and create a safer online environment.

While cyberbullying is a main concern for most parents, OnlineThem has many other uses. For example, it can be used for monitoring whether your children are engaging in inappropriate or adult conversations, whether they may be the target of grooming, or even whether they are engaging in social media when they shouldn’t be. OnlineThem aims to promote a safer online community for your children, by giving parents the visibility and insight that they deserve. Our solution is built on trust and we don’t believe in spying on your children, but instead we want to promote safer online environment for children and more communication between family members. The process of OnlineThem is transparent and we will only provide you with our reports if both parent and child give their consent.

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One in five young people are targeted by cyberbullies every day, a fact which is unbeknown to their parents.

With 65% of bullying incidents now occurring online, it is easier than ever for bullies to take advantage of social media platforms and hide their activities from teachers, parents and supervising adults. Technology is providing new ways for cyberbullies, trolls and catfishes to make contact with your children. OnlineThem enables you to monitor your child’s activity across popular social media platforms, all with your child’s permission and without the need to access their passwords. children, even in the safety of your own home. We at OnlineThem believe that, to fight cyberbullying, ways of monitoring your child’s activities need to advance alongside technology and social media. We have developed OnlineThem in order to provide a way to ensure that cyberbullying will no longer go unnoticed or undetected without you needing to look over your children’s shoulders or fear that they are hiding it from you.

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