Jerk with a Heart of Gold: On one hand

Sometimes the products will remain intact when advertisers don’t want to see their expensive product shown being damaged, broken or destroyed in any way whatsoever for fear that people won’t be interested in it. In that case, said products will be shown as being Tonka Tough (see also the subverted examples).

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Valentin replica Case in point are R 101/102/103 Delphinus (Dolphin), R 211 Orcinus (Orca/Killer Whale), R 201 Asterozoa (starfish), etc. Made even more blatant with the R 311 Remora parasite fighter and its host aircraft, the R 531 Mobura. The Remora is famous for it being “attached” to other, larger fishes (such as sharks), but the Mobura, a misspelling of Mobula, is a genus of manta rays Valentin replica.