His Test match forays haven’t been as successful despite a

Dissecting Suresh Raina’s ODI stats

moncler mens jackets Suresh Raina’s international career has been a curious one. He made his debut in July 2005, and a few years later established himself as one of the core members of India’s limited overs side. There were always question marks about his technique against fast bowling in general and the short ball in particular but in shorter formats that wasn’t a deficiency that moncler outlet online could be exploited fully by fielding teams. His Test match forays haven’t been as successful despite a century on debut but that wasn’t such a surprise. In the last few months, cheap moncler jackets though, his ODI career has stuttered too: he was dropped for the series in Australia, even as he returned to the team for the T20I series and played a key role in the 3 0 victory. moncler mens jackets

cheap moncler coats It’s clear that Raina remains an asset in T20Is he became only the second Indian to play 50 matches in that moncler factory outlet format but what do his ODI stats say about the kind of batsman he has been? Has he done enough to deserve a longer run, or do India need to look at others for the No. 5/6 slot? Here’s what the numbers say about him. cheap moncler coats

buy moncler jackets What stands out about Raina’s overall numbers in both ODIs moncler outlet jackets and T20Is is his consistency across the years. Since the middle of 2008, when he became a regular member of India’s ODI side he has moncler jackets outlet missed only 27 of India’s 214 ODIs since June 2008 Raina has consistently averaged in the mid 30s, with a strike rate in the mid 90s. He has had his problems in the bouncier conditions of Australia and South Africa, averaging only 25.83 in 25 innings in those two countries, but he has done much better in England and New Zealand, averaging more than 46 at a strike rate of 115 from 19 innings. 5 and 6 by moncler jacket sale the period of the innings when he has come in to bat. His overall average at No. 5 is 35.32, but when he has come moncler sale in with India three down for 60 or fewer runs, he has averaged 26 in 19 innings. That improves to almost 33 when he has come in with 61 to 100 runs on the board, but his average and strike rate both improve dramatically when he has come in with more than click this link now 100 runs on the board; in 25 such innings, he has topped 50 ten times. When he comes in after 200, the average drops as he obviously needs to take cheap moncler coats more risks with fewer overs remaining. buy moncler jackets

cheap moncler sale The story is similar at No. 6: a sub 30 average with a strike rate in the early 70s when he comes in at 80 or fewer runs at four down, but the numbers get much healthier when he comes in with more runs on the board. cheap moncler sale

moncler outlet sale Suresh Raina at No. 5 in ODIs, by point of entry scoresEntry score Inngs Runs Ave SR 50+ scores 60 or less 19 moncler outlet sale 501 26.37 72.71 3 61 to 100 24 719 32.68 85.49 5 101 to 200 25 1006 50.30 116.98 10 201 and above 13 176 25.14 123.94 0 moncler outlet sale

moncler outlet online Suresh Raina at No. 6 in ODIs, by point of entry scoresEntry score Inngs Runs Ave SR 50+ scores 80 or less 17 428 28.53 71.69 2 81 to 175 25 809 40.45 93.85 5 176 and above 19 469 36.08 125.74 3 moncler outlet online

moncler sale outlet https://www.beautylyrics.com moncler outlet The graphic below combines those two tables, and groups his performances by the stage of the innings when he has come in to bat, at Nos. 5 and 6. In the 36 innings when he has come in to bat within the first 15 overs, Raina has passed 50 just four times, while his average drops to less than 25. When coming in between the 16th and 20th overs, his average goes up, but it’s still less than 30. Clearly, he has hasn’t relished the opportunity to come in early against a new ish ball and bail his team out after the loss of early wickets. moncler sale outlet

cheap moncler outlet Raina’s comfort zone is batting against a slightly older ball in the moncler outlet middle overs, and the stats reflect that: when he comes in to bat between the 21st and the 35th overs, his average skyrockets to 53.43, while the strike rate goes up to 105. He has 19 fifty plus scores in 59 innings during this period, compared to eight in 56 innings when he has come in within the first 20 overs cheap moncler outlet.

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