Has there ever been a more frightening time to be a parent?- Mummy Constant

There’s no question, the advancements we see in technology every day are truly amazing and in most cases are enhancing our lives for the better. But with these developments come risks and that cannot be truer than when it comes to cyberbullying. I worry where this will be in a years to come when my children will be using social media independently.

A child’s privacy from their parents was once restricted to a ‘Keep Out’ sign on their bedroom door. But now this extends to their digital lives too where parents are mostly unaware of their online activity despite having unprecedented access to conversations with strangers anywhere in the world.

At school, eagle-eyed teachers could once spot bullying in the corner of the playground. But the invisible flow of messages between pupils via phones and social means that cyberbullying has become extremely difficult for teachers and parents to detect and monitor.

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