What sites does Online Them monitor?

Currently, our software covers Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Facebook is the most popular site used by teens, with approximately 3 in every 4 teens having a profile. Almost 60% of teens use Instagram, and around one third use Twitter.


What if my child thinks I’m snooping on them?

Online Them is a non-intrusive tool and only provides parents with information which may be of concern to them. It is important that children still maintain levels of privacy and independence, that’s why use specialised software which picks out relevant information rather than encouraging parents to monitor everything their child posts or even everything their child types (such as with key-loggers).


What if my child is worried that their friends will find out and make fun of them?

Like we mentioned above, Online Them is non-intrusive. It will never post on social media for your child, nor will it notify their friends or followers that they are using it.


How can Online Them determine if my child is being bullied?

Online Them doesn’t explicitly tell you whether your child is being bullied, but it gives you information to help spark conversations or initiate further investigation if you feel necessary. We flag up items which may indicate bullying or grooming but it is up to you whether you think these are true risks or not.


How do you know what is considered ‘risky’ behaviour?

We have a team of data scientists who use Natural Language Processing to search for words which may be deemed a ‘risk’. We then provide access to the post that this word is included in on the report so that you can see the context it has been used in and determine whether it is cause for concern or nothing to be worried about.


The geo-location map isn’t working on my child’s report, why?

For the map to work, you need to ensure your child’s location services are switched on for those social media sites on their device.


What happens to the data Online Them collect? Is it secure?

Every piece of data we collect plays an intricate part in generating each report. Nobody else can access these reports and all data we collect is stored safely and securely.


Does Online Them post on my child’s social media account?

Online Them is non-intrusive. It will never post on social media for your child, nor will it notify their friends or followers that they are using it.


Do you monitor private messages as well?

No, it is extremely difficult to get permission to monitor private messages on social media. Children need a space to talk to friends without fear of being monitored, and if they are being bullied, harassed, or groomed via private message on an account, it is likely that they are also in contact with them on their profile as well, such as through liking or commenting on photos or posts, which we will pick up.


What if my child’s social media profile is set to private?

We can monitor your child’s profile regardless of privacy settings as they authorise the access when they connect their accounts. We recommend your child set their profiles to private and only accept friends and followers they know in real life.


What happens if my child refuses to connect their account?

If your child does not connect their account, then you will not be able to view their report or any alerts for that profile. Our software is entirely consent based- if your child refuses, talk to them and find out why they are concerned about our product.


How much does Online Them cost?

Online Them offers a free month trial period to all who sign up. Following your free trial, a monthly payment of £4.99 will commence. Payment of £4.99 will be taken from your registered account the day after your free trial has ended and every month then on. You can cancel your account at any time. To avoid all charges, cancel your account before the free trial has ended


How do I cancel my account?

We do not have a minimum subscription and parents can opt out at any time by going to account> de-activate account, although parents should bear in mind that Online Them is designed for continuous social monitoring over a period of time.


What is the point of including most used words?

By providing most used words, we give you an insight into what your child talks about online on a day-to-day basis and what they are interested in. For example, if they use a lot of words to do with Skateboarding, this indicates that it may be a key interest of theirs. Additionally, you can see if there is anything concerning mentioned a lot by them and click on each word to see each post that the word has been used in.


Why can’t my child see the social connect email in their inbox?

If your child cannot see the email, we recommend checking the junk folder. If it is still not there, try inviting them again in case it was incorrectly input the first time.


What do I do if I see posts that worry me?

Online Them aims to open up a channel of communication between parents and their child. If you see a post that concerns you, we recommend that you discuss this with them and find out the context of the post. Explain why it worries you and get their side of the story before you jump to conclusions. However, do be aware that they may hold back information if they are embarrassed.


How do you differentiate between sarcasm and playful joking and actual abuse?

We cannot differentiate between a word used sarcastically or a word used in a malicious way. What we can do is show you when these words were used, and the posts that they were used in so that you can see the context and determine whether it is cause for concern or not. If it is still ambiguous, we recommend talking to your child to find out.