Facebook involved in over 32% of UK cyberbullying cases

“Facebook was used in 32.5% of cyber-bullying cases, including revenge porn and harassment, in Britain last year, prompting fears that the social media platform may be providing a safe haven for those who harass others, the media reported.

There was also evidence of sexual abuse, disclosure of revenge porn aimed at blackmailing or defrauding and vicious online bullying campaigns.”

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Online Them is a non-intrusive parental monitor which alerts you of risk warnings and potential cyberbullying on your child’s social media accounts. The tool is completely consent based and there is no need to download any software. Parents and guardians can easily monitor their connected child’s social media pages to understand:

  • who they are interacting with
  • where they are being tagged
  • what words do they use most
  • whether they mention any life events
  • what high-risk or adult words and phrases are being used and in what context

and more..

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