Battle Couple: The Blues, of course

Everyone Meets Everyone: One of the only shorts where the stooges haven’t met each other before at the beginning. No Sell: Curly’s opponent in the championship match doesn’t flinch when Curly punches him without his Berserk Button activated. The Remake: About a year before rejoining the Stooges, Shemp Howard would star in a remake of this short (A Hit With a Miss). They are very, very driven to follow the Blues around and find out what kind of CIA business they are doing (even if the Blues (especially Jeff) insist that they aren’t agents), maybe help if they can. And they pretty much annoy their chief, the Blues, and are totally unable to suspect that there’s a bank robbery going on right across the street even after Jeff points out the getaway car and how it’s sticking out like a sore thumb. Battle Couple: The Blues, of course.

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replica goyard handbags Back in the 1960s The Beatles themselves hated the cartoons when they saw them on TV. George Harrison in particular felt they were awful. Their disapproval may have been the reason why they refused to take Disney’s offer to voice four caricatured vultures of themselves in Jungle Book and their own animated versions in Yellow Submarine. Fate Worse Than Death: Darkseid believes Superman having to return Earth as a pariah is far worse than death. Karma Houdini: Due to the series being Cut Short, it ended with Lex Luthor never significantly punished for any of his schemes, along all his suspicions of Superman seemingly publicly vindicated. What’s more, while Supes does give Darkseid a pretty brutal beating, in the end, he is still the ultimate ruler of Apokolips, his legions of subjects as devoted to him as ever replica goyard handbags.