And well, any of Ericssons pets

The challenge is that each one has been given one of MS big franchises halo, GOW and Forza.Playground games is doing Forza Horizon games but it seems that MS have invested heavily in the studio to increase size to allow them to work on two different games as they are now working on fable 4 and Forza Horizon 4.There are also rumours that they are letting their existing studios to work on other games than just halo and gears.God of War and Horizon took 5+ years because they had to create a new engine or heavily modify an existing one, create a lot of new graphics stuff etc. They also had to create new gameplay systems and we completely different from the previous games made by the studios.Uncharted 4 on the other hand, only took a little more than 2 years to make because they were using much of the same tech from the previous gen. They also didn fundamentally and drastically change the gameplay, keeping it similar to previous Uncharted games while adding on a few things.I would say that Just Cause 4 is more akin to UC4 than Horizon or GoW.

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