Alma Parrott of Jackson, TN; brothers and sister in law, Jason

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Survivors: wife, Tammy Yow of Valdese, NC; mother and stepfather, Ann and Don Carpenter of Claremont, NC; father and stepmother, Charlie and Kennette Yow of Savannah; son, Dillon Wesley Yow of Savannah; stepchildren, Roxie Michael and Kandi Hobday, both of Valdese, NC; grandparents, Jim and Betty Carpenter of Claremont, NC, Paul and Barbara Whitley of Hayes, NC, Kenneth and Bonnie Cail of Savannah; and Mrs. Alma Parrott of Jackson Fingerlings Monkey Outlet, TN; brothers and sister in law, Jason and Jessica Carpenter of Claremont, NC, and C. J.

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