About online them

Online Them is a parental monitoring software which aims to ensure your child’s online safety without limiting exploration and growth. Our software exists online so there is no download or instalment necessary- just a website.


Our software uses Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to identify and highlight anything of concern such as social media posts containing adult content, or mentions of crime, as well as a rank of who your child is interacting with the most on social media.


We operate on a consent only basis, meaning that your child has to agree to you using our software to monitor their social media. Consent can be given easily and quickly when you invite your child via email- all they have to do is click the attached link and authorize access to their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. They can connect all 3 accounts or just one or two.

Even if they are already online, using online Them can put your mind to rest with the assurance that you can be aware of any risky behaviour or language use, the people that they are talking to, what they are talking about, and when they are online, all in a low-maintenance and non-intrusive way.


Just like learning to walk or talk, taking the first steps online requires guidance to ensure that your child understands what is, and what is not, appropriate to post online. We encourage open communication between parents and children. Our software is not a spy tool, it only highlights what is necessary and still gives your child privacy and room to explore online.


All customers receive a free trial of Online Them, after which £2.99 per month will be charged to your registered account. To avoid all charges, simply cancel your account before the trial period has ended.


How do I cancel my account?
We do not have a minimum subscription and parents can opt out at any time by going to account> de-activate account, although parents should bear in mind that Online Them is designed for continuous social monitoring over a period of time.
Do you monitor private messages as well?
No, it is extremely difficult to get permission to monitor private messages on social media. Children need a space to talk to friends without fear of being monitored, and if they are being bullied, harassed, or groomed via private message on an account, it is likely that they are also in contact with them on their profile as well, such as through liking or commenting on photos or posts, which we will pick up.

The Team


Online Them has been created by innovative minds and expert data scientists who work side by side. We are always looking for ways to improve the service we deliver and welcome any feedback you have on the Online Them report and features.


We welcome feedback and questions about our website, service, and product. Contact us today to find out more or just have a chat about keeping your child safe online!

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