10 signs your students are experiencing cyberbullying

Phones, along with iPads, laptops and smart boards, are a crucial element of classroom teaching. Tablets are a frequent sight in 70% of UK classrooms. The technology is an unavoidable asset to their learning and it’s naive to suggest that ending cyberbullying is simply a case of restricting the use of the phones, or blocking websites while at school.

Cyber bullies are silently muscling into that learning, inhabiting student’s coat pockets, interrupting their homework and keeping them up well into the middle of the night, disrupting their schooling routine. As many as 55% of children in the UK are suffering, but all’s not lost. New technology, such as consent based monitoring tool the Online Them is helping parents stay one step ahead of the bullies without invading their child’s privacy, and the CPS are lobbying to prosecute trolls and bullies attacking victims using fake profiles. We’re getting there, slowly.


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